How to Host your First Watch Party

Install Tenami

Streaming Video and Audio Setup

Don'ts for Streaming Video and Audio Setup

DO NOT - Directly stream Netflix or Crunchyroll content to your Twitch channel

Video content that you select inside Tenami will automatically be synced to your Twitch stream.

If you capture Netflix or Crunchyroll video or audio with your streaming application, your broadcast may fall outside of Twitch's Community Guidlines with the potential of receiving a DMCA Copyright strike on your channel.

DO NOT - Capture desktop audio with your streaming application

Enabling desktop audio inside your streaming application will cause viewers to hear an echo when they join your watch party.

How to be a Great Host

Don'ts for Being a Great Host

DO NOT - Silently host a watch party without interacting with your stream!

Remember, your viewers are here to watch with you and interact with your community! Viewers want you to comment and react while they all watch along with you.

Imagine as if you are watching a spirting event with your friends. It's okay to act lively!

Start your Watch Party